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Ep. 035 - Facebook in 5 years and Sam Harris “The Trouble with Facebook” recap with guest Roger McNamee

April 19, 2019

Show Notes Galore for this Episode! We started things off sharing our thoughts about a Sam Harris podcast episode where special guest Roger McNamee discussed his book "Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe" You can catch that episode in full here:

We also discussed what facebook might look like in the next five years. That conversation was sparked by this article:

We also had some discussion around youTube and Twitter regarding content and responsibilities sparked by a tweet from one of our favs - Tim Pool - of course this got us talking AI and the Achilles Paradox - 

We wrapped the episode with a little PSA about our friends Microsoft and their apparent security risk of a browser - IE11... read more here:

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