The Bob & Kevin Show

Ep. 037 - Meet our new A.I. Showbot intern. Plus discussions around the Huawei Android ban, Joe Rogan #1299 with Annie Jacobsen and more

May 24, 2019

An Artificial Intelligence bot is born... well, kinda. On this week's episode Bob & Kevin introduce the world to "showbot", which is what we are calling our new digital assistant intern until you help us name them... oh, yeah and we struggle with pronouns for the cheeky little intern plenty in this episode. Guess what, you can even help contribute to "showbot" because the project is open source!

We also talked some Joe Rogan and Annie Jacobsen - you know, because AI and stuff and we had to throw in a little Huawei talk as well. Let us know what you think and hit us up for some naming ideas for our new intern!

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