The Bob & Kevin Show

Ep. 042 - Aliens, Area 51 and Bob Lazar on Joe Rogan #1315 - oh, and a 5 billion dollar fine for our friends at Facebook

July 25, 2019

We swear that we are not a Joe Rogan recap podcast, but this one was just too juicy to pass up for us. I mean come on... Alien technology... how can we not discuss this one! We pretty much debated the legitimacy of Bob Lazar and his amazing claims of alien technology. In addition to JRE #1315 we also referenced the documentary by Jeremy Corbell that is currently streaming on Netflix.

Anti-gravity propulsion, surfaces that turn into screens and that little machine that measures the bones in your hand - we pretty much cover it all.

We did some talk about the current season of Black Mirror, as well as, a couple of other sci-fi series. Let us know if you like what you hear or let us know what you want to hear more of -

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