The Bob & Kevin Show

Ep. 047 - Can forced diversity work in tech? In podcasts? Anywhere? We discuss recent issues plaguing the Ladybug Podcast and more.

September 8, 2019

We don't typically shy away from controversial topics, but we really debated if we would discuss this topic or not - it is super tricky at best and we just want to say, we tried. Both Bob & Kevin had thoughts on how difficult it is to define what diversity is vs. should be. Heck, we even started the conversation with the fact that we (as two white males) may not even be permitted to discuss this issue... alas, we were not thwarted in sharing our thoughts and opinions (which are completely our own, btw and not those of our employers... past, present and probably not future). 

We are sure you have insight and thoughts you want to share with us on this topic and maybe you want to even call us out for some of our views... feel free to so at 

oh, and if you want to give a listen to the Ladybug Podcast - you can check them out here:

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