The Bob & Kevin Show

Ep. 050 - Seven tips to monetize your podcast - plus we talk Atlas the robot, building your personal brand, Between Two Ferns the movie and more.

October 9, 2019

In this episode we celebrated our 50th! Sure we had about 30 or so YouTube Shows ( but can you believe we have recorded FIFTY podcast episodes!?!?!

We have been tackling some heavy topics lately on the show, so today we decided to talk some tech headlines and see where things took us.

We talked about the latest iteration of the Boston Dynamics Atlas robot - in addition to how the idea of the "personal brand" has evolved since we got in "the game". 

We took a look at some recent press about podcast monetizing and the various options out there, plus much, much more! As always... if you want to leave us a comment, feel free to hit us up on twitter -

Rumor has it, if you send us a DM, we will reach out to you with a very special gift! DO IT... DO IT NOW!

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