The Bob & Kevin Show

Ep. 053 - Speedboats vs. air craft carriers: Apple Catalina dumpster fire, rapid fire windows updates, Stack overflow ass-hats, rural tech issues and more alien tech discussions

October 25, 2019

In our latest episode, Bob & Kevin (self-proclaimed tech pundits) discuss the new release cycles for our major operating systems, the ettiquette (or lack there of) on stack overflow and how there is a definite developer drought in rural America. Listen for Bob's struggles with the word rural several times and try to coin the phrase "tech desert"

Kevin is desperately seeking a tech meetup in the middle of nowhere - can anyone help him out?

Bob & Kevin took some time to decunstruct the most recent #demDebate as it related to "big social" and the implications of social media in our current election cycle.

Somehow, we looped it all back to darn alien technology and propulsion that has yet to be figured out. F*cking aliens!!!

Got thougts on this episode? Hit us up on twitter - our DMs are always open for you to comment - or just at us... as the kids say.

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