The Bob & Kevin Show

Ep. 060 - Black Mirror season 6 sneak peek and best tech gifts for Christmas 2019

December 13, 2019

This week, Bob & Kevin challenged each other to write episode teasers for two possible Black Mirror episodes - and we think you will like what we came up with!

We opened the show with some discussions about China and Russia and their new regulations related to software within the boundaries of each nation.

What would a mid-December episode be without a discussion about the best tech-related Christmas gifts of the season? Bob & Kevin discuss three tech gifts each, with a couple bonus gifts as well.

As always, hit us up on twitter - and give us some feedback about the episode - maybe there will be some free swag in it for you! If you listen on Apple podcasts, please consider rating the show, or leaving a review and if you listen on Spotify, like most of our amazing listeners... thanks, and keep downloading!!!

Thanks again,
Bob & Kevin

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