The Bob & Kevin Show

Ep. 061 - Will your next job interview be conducted with artificial intelligence?

December 19, 2019

This episode could perhaps be a Bob & Kevin Show FIRST! We stayed focused on on a single topic for a full hour... and this topic is right up the BK Show alley! In episode 61 we discuss the use of artificial intelligence for the job interview process. We did pick on because they surfaced in an article from our friends over at Recode -

One of the things that really caught our attention was the references to A.I. "eliminating bias and discrimination" - so you know we had to jump on that.

We also found a couple videos offering advice if you are ever asked to participate in an A.I. fueled interview process. and 

Take a listen to the episode and let us know what you think... heck, just let us know that you read these descriptions of the episodes :)

Thanks for listening!
Bob & Kevin

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