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Ep. 067 - International Space Station UFO Video, The Expanse and how they get space travel in the ballpark of correct

March 11, 2020

Yup, here we are talking about aliens again! This time, we REALLY thought we had the definitive proof. It all started with this article:

Then we watched the video:

Then we found an un-edited version: and we were still pretty excited.

THEN we got a little skeptical when we could not find other "news" outlets covering it, until we stumbled upon these guys: - the Rick & Bubba Show

Anyway, we had a blast talking all things aliens, UFOs, IFOs and more.

Let us know if you miss the full transcripts - or if you have better ideas how we should include them instead of just dumping them in the episode description. Feel free to ping us on social media with your thoughts on this episode or any of our others - Follow us on twitter at 

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