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Ep. 073 - We are listening and trying to learn, but pretty convinced Mark Zuckerberg is not! Analysis of Mark’s recent letter to his employees

June 22, 2020

Things in the world are heavy right now, we get that. The Bob & Kevin Show is listening and we strongly believe that Black Lives Matter. We are also laser-focused on the impact companies like Facebook and Twitter have on the collective social and political mood of not just our nation, but the world. In this episode, we discuss some of Facebook's and Twitter's reactions and responses to world events addressing racial equality and some of the garbage being posted to social media by "dear leader" - you know the orange guy we are talking about!

Anyway, as always, let us know what you thought of this episode and feel free to ping us on social media with your thoughts on this episode or any of our others - Follow us on twitter at 

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